5 easy steps you can take to explore a career in tech writing

#1 research existing jobs

As you may already know, many writers call themselves “copywriters, web content writers, content writers, freelance writers,” etc. Tech writers also have many job titles in today’s market.

I’ve listed the hottest roles that are rapidly growing to give you a head start on your research below.

  • Use this worksheet to identify what type of work tech writers do. Don’t be alarmed if you see overlap in responsibilities, it’s just the nature of this career.

  • Which job title best fits you?

    • Technical Writer
    • UX/UI Writer
    • Content Strategist


#2 Identify what skills you need

This goes without saying, but you definitely need to learn how to write technical content. Your job is to break down complex subjects so that they are easy to understand. The product or audience you write for may vary. For example, you could be writing instructions for developers or you could be creating tutorials for finance professionals.


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#3 Remember your existing skills and resources

  • Collect what you’ve written. Have you written instructional content before? Maybe at your job you wrote a user manual or a tutorial for a friend who’s not so tech-savvy, maybe you’ve written course content or how-to articles for your blog, etc. Use this worksheet to help you figure out if you already have the elements of a portfolio.

  • Review job requirements. How many of the job requirements do you already meet? After you’ve filled out the worksheet from step #1, take a look at the skills you already have and software you’re already familiar with.

#4 Create a tech portfolio

  • Include existing content from #3 in your portfolio (if applicable)

  • Write instructional content for your favorite website or app. Here are some examples to get your creative juices flowing.
    • Freshbooks
    • JetBlue
    • Evernote
    • Uber/Lyft
    • Google maps
    • WhatsApp
  • Watch this short video I created just for you -  Power of the P...as in PORTFOLIO




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