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Watch my 4-part video series below for free tips and strategies to land tech writing jobs. Don't forget to use the worksheets to help you along the way!


My Strategy to Finding Lucrative Tech Writing Jobs

There is a unique strategy to finding lucrative tech writing jobs, but most people use the old school way that just doesn't work anymore. 

Allow me to reintroduce myself :) I'm a full-time content strategist and tech writer. In this video, I'll debunk the "struggling writers" myth and show you the opportunities that show up in my inbox on a DAILY basis. Click the image below to start.

Which Tech Writing Role is Best For You?

In this module, click on the button below to download the How to Land a Writing Job Worksheet (it opens up in a new window) and let's do some digging around to see what opportunities are available and which one best suits you and your skills.

Your Writer's Job Search Toolkit

In this module, I share with you 5 essential tweaks to make your resume stand out and the changes you need to make to your LinkedIn profile today!

Who sends YOU tech writing jobs daily?

There's a reason why recruiters email and call me DAILY with writing opportunities to consider. Find out what I did to make this magic happen and how you can do the same. Before you proceed to watch this video, make sure you watch the other 3 videos in this series.

Don't reach out to recruiters unprepared.

If you enjoyed this free video training series and you're ready to take your writing career to the next level then I'm inviting you to join "Get Paid to Write in Tech." It's an in-depth online course where I share everything you need to actually get hired as a tech writer. Click the button to learn more about it.

BONUS VIDEO: Do you have a tech writing portfolio or nah?