Need a professional to review your resume?


A professional resume is the most important document to helping you get your dream job. What is yours looking like right now?

If you're not proud of it or feel like it needs some spiffing up, then let me help you.

Sometimes you just need a second opinion from someone who will give you a honest review. I can share with you tips on how to best structure your resume so that your skills shine and you attract the right recruiters.

The job search process in today's market goes way beyond a pretty looking resume though. When you book a 1-on-1 session with me, I will give you the best keywords, skills, and industry knowledge to highlight in your resume and jobseeking profiles so that it is easy for recruiters to find you!

Thanks for the great tech resume… I really liked, how you re-organized the overall section with the dates so it could all go in one bucket. It’s a good tool. Useful. And puts me way more forward with just having something so I can get into a conversation. Thanks so much!
— Kirstin Ohm, Marketing & Research Consultant
Kimmoy did a fantastic job with my resume. I am re-entering the job market after many years of freelance work and need a resume that reflects my particular skills for a particular position. Will hire her again! I really appreciate your efforts. Even at first glance it looks excellent. Thanks!
— Lisa Lynne M., Content Strategist
Thank you so much again! Great service and great business. I would definitely recommend you to anyone.
— Davon H., IT Technician
I thought I had a good resume but she was able to modernize and really highlight my key attributes. Thanks Kimmoy!
— Elmo Joseph, Mechanical Engineer

It's time to update & upgrade your career

Listen. I know that updating your resume and navigating this job market can be downright frustrating. I've been where you are, doing things the old-school way:

You have been applying for multiple jobs a day, filling out long, boring applications and not sure if anyone has even seen it

You have had friends and peers look over your resume, they say everything looks fine, but you're still not getting any callbacks for interviews

You know you're qualified to do the job, but you just don't know how to articulate it well enough

"Creating the right story which highlights the most important messages and attributes are critical for a Brand, whether a company or an individual. After I decided to leave the 24/7 corporate life for greater freedom, I turned to Kimmoy to shape my life's experiences in the most influential manner for my future aspirations. Her keen insights and skills are exactly what I needed to kick-start the next stage of my journey! "

Kevin Reddy
Former Chairman and CEO, Noodles & Company
Former COO of Chipotle


Still Wishing and waiting for recruiters to call you back?

Yes, the job market is competive, but you can do something about. Heck, a manager at Google once said, "If you don't have a recruiter contacting you at least twice a month, then you're doing something wrong." And I agree 100%! This is where building a professional brand comes in. It begins with your resume. 

If you decide to work with me, I'll even share tips on what you can do to make recruiters want to call you back. When I was ready for my next career move, recruiters were emailing and calling me on a daily basis for 2 months. I did not have to do much work at all because the job opportunities were coming to my inbox. The strategies I use for my own success, is what I use for my clients too.

"Your advice was so clarifying and helpful, and put into words what I felt were problems but couldn't identify. I feel so much more confident about sending this resume, and am actually excited about showing this to people!

I liked the checklist and suggestions and how clear and actionable they were. As I was redoing my resume, all I had to do was go through and say, "Okay, I added that, now what?" It left me free to focus on a design that was more exciting because I didn't have to worry about missing any important content, since you'd covered everything. Thank you so much for your help."

Marisa Morby, UX Designer


here's what i can help you with


  • Layout and format
  • Keywords and phrases to use
  • Special links to include
  • Rephrasing of accomplishments
  • Work experience to include/exclude

LinkedIn profile

  • Professional summary
  • Skill sets to choose
  • Content to include/exclude
  • Tips to increase visibility to hiring managers and recruiters


  • Which samples to include/exclude
  • Tips to make your portfolio stand out
  • Define the story you want to tell with your work
  • How to showcase your work

Not sure how to show you have the skills for the job you want?

You know that you're good at what you do, but somehow your resume, portfolio, and online profiles do not reflect that. At times, you may have been told that you're overqualified. Other times, they're looking for someone with a bit more experience. The truth is that you're not telling the complete story. You must showcase your qualifications in a way that lets recruiters know you are the best fit.


In a sense, you have to play detective to find out which available jobs best match your skills. You also have to shine the light on what you bring to the table. 

It's all about putting together a winning package that represents the best you have to offer. I'll assess your resume, portfolio, and professional profiles then give you a headstart on what you need to do to increase your chances of getting callbacks from recruiters.

Get your resume updated today!

1:1 Consultation

1 payment of $75

Book a powerful, action-filled, 30-minute session with me and I will walk you through step-by-step how to flip your job search script and get recruiters to contact you with great, well paying job opportunities. I want you to succeed so I'll be an open book and share proven tactics and strategies to help you get to the next level in your career.

To make things even easier for you, you'll receive a checklist that outlines what we talked about in our consultation. This will serve as a step-by-step guide so you don't feel stuck or overwhelmed.


Hey, hey! I'm Kimmoy!

Ever since my college days, I have been tasked with helping my friends edit their resumes. As aspiring enigneers, it was important for us to put our best foot forward so we could get really cool summer internships.

Over the years, I've learned what generates makes recruiters tick and generate results. In my mind, your resume is like your ambassador. It goes out into the job market and represents you in a  professional maner.

Even my HR professional at a large Consulting firm asked me to edit resumes of my peers so that they could be assigned to contracts.

The key is figuring out what makes people stop and pay attention to what you have to offer.  

I believe everyone should get the job that they're qualified for and would enjoy. I start with your resume, but there are other key elements in your job search toolkit that will take you to the hiring finish line.

What can I say? Maybe there's a secret code on my forehead that says "I can help you get the job!" or something so it's been my "thing" for quite some time. It's very rewarding to not only change the trajectory of my own career, but I also enjoy helping you do the same. 

Cheers to a successful career!

Frequently Asked Questions


+ How long does it take?

1:1 sessions take 30 minutes. That is typically enough time to review 1 resume and LinkedIn profile. You may need to schedule an additional session if you have a portfolio as well. I will set expectations ahead of time based on the information you send me when you schedule a consultation.

+ How does this process work?

  1. When you click on "Book Consultation," I share my calendar with you so you can choose the best date and time for your consultation.

  2. After you have provided the required information, I will contact you at the given time.

  3. During our consult, I will share with you personalized tips on how you can improve your resume, portfolio, and LinkedIn profile. I will also recommend jobs that best match your skill set and how you can attract the right recruiters.

  4. Within 1 business day after your consultation, I will send you a personalized checklist of recommended updates so that it's easy for you to track and implement.

+ How much does it cost?

A 30-minute consultation is $75 USD.

+ Do you give advice for LinkedIn profiles and portfolios?

Yes! I give as much constructive feedback and suggestions as I can based on the materials you give me. You may need to schedule additional sessions if we're not able to cover your resume, LinkedIn profile, and portfolio in 1 session.

+ What should I do if I don't have a resume, LinkedIn profile, or portfolio?!

Don't worry! During out consultation, I'll share with you resources and tips to help you get started with your professonal brand.