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What is Tech Writing?

I don't really know much about tech writing, but I'm very curious. Can you tell me more?

Test My Tech Writing Skills

I have writing skills and think it would be cool to do this for a living. How do I know if this is for me?

Do I Look Like a Tech Writer?

My resume and portfolio need some help. Can you review my work and give me some tips? 

Get Job Offers

I have the skills and know this is what I want to do, but I'm not getting  any job offers. Can you help? 

"Creating the right story which highlights the most important messages and attributes are critical for a Brand, whether a company or an individual. After I decided to leave the 24/7 corporate life for greater freedom, I turned to Kimmoy to shape my life's experiences in the most influential manner for my future aspirations. Her keen insights and skills are exactly what I needed to kick-start the next stage of my journey! "

Kevin Reddy
Former Chairman and CEO, Noodles & Company
Former COO of Chipotle


"Your advice was so clarifying and helpful, and put into words what I felt were problems but couldn't identify. I feel so much more confident about sending this resume, and am actually excited about showing this to people!

I liked the checklist and suggestions and how clear and actionable they were. As I was redoing my resume, all I had to do was go through and say, "Okay, I added that, now what?" It left me free to focus on a design that was more exciting because I didn't have to worry about missing any important content, since you'd covered everything. Thank you so much for your help."

Marisa Morby, UX Designer



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