Hey, hey! My name is Kimmoy. It means "Caribbean Goddess." Not really, but I like to think so sometimes :) Anyway, thanks for stopping by my site. I'm excited that you're here to explore adventures of being a writer in the Tech industry. If you've ever worked at a job you hate, then you know it must feel like winning the lottery when you finally find one that you actually like. Thankfully, I love my profession as a content strategist and technical writer. I also love traveling! At the time of writing this, I have visited over 20 countries where most were on a 10-month journey across Europe, Asia, and Argentina. I had plans to visit other countries in South America, but once I landed a 3-month contract with Google, I brought my suitcase and high hopes to Silicon Valley.

I stayed in California with Google for one year. Now, I’m in the Washington, DC area helping a travel regulations organization get their web content up-to-date. And yes, I did make it back to South America, Colombia to be exact on a culturally-rich vacation. So as you can see, I have been following my ow travel and career map thanks to tech writing.

I know that you don't really hear much “successful” writers, but I feel like I’ve found my happy "work" place in the world of Tech. So many cool products to learn and explore, and I get to help other people ("users and customers") do the same. 

So, here on Keeping Up With Kimmoy, I share some of my experiences and tips as a Tech writer and because I'm very passionate about traveling, I'm sure I'll bring it up occasionally. For the most part, you’ll find resources on how to build a strong professional brand for tech writing opportunities which includes services to update your resume, strategies to master the elusive job search process, and a course on how to kickstart a writing career in tech. Lots of people have found them to be worthwhile and insightful which is why I’m excited to share them with you. Oh! If you're an aspiring tech writer, content strategist, or writer in Tech, please stick around. You're my people.

My ultimate goal here is to help you with your career goals and get as many talented tech writers in the industry because quite frankly, I can't take on all of these juicy opportunities. Anyway, I built this site as a way to serve and inspire you. If you can keep up, catch me on your favorite social media platform or simply shoot me an email using the contact form below.

Thanks a bunch for joining me on this journey!



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